Clan Wars-The New Era

The New Era of Clan Wars. Many Years have past since the old generation. This time battles are more fierce!
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 Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Chapter 1   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:19 am

Ten years have passed since the battle with SHADE took place. Wolfwood wasn't seen anymore.

A night Ranger wandered around the forest. Suddenly two assasins came next to her and finished her of in a second. Poiuy Trewqlo then carried out a search for Ranger since she didn't arrived in the morning. Zarroc found the dead boy of Ranger but it seemed as though no one cared.

"It serves this bastard right, to die, for bossing us around and letting us go on low class missions for ten years!" Poiuy Trewqlo shouted.

On the same day Wolfwood appeared with a grin on his face. Everybody drew their weapon in order to kill Wolfwood.
His eye's started glowing red and an over high force surrounded him.

Suddenly Wolfwood knocked out and one mysterious person with black hair, white headband showed up right beside him. The person called himself "Roy". Everyone wanted to know what was going on, Roy told them that they'll know in due time and he left leaving Wolfwood on the ground.

Everyone pointed their weapon to Wolfwood attempting to kill him but Hiro was somehow able to convince them that Wolfwood wasn't helping SHADE.

Wolfwood told them everything he found out about the lurking power within him.

Wolfwood: "This power, the Shadows Of The Wrath, the dark spirit within me is called Zangetsu. I somehow was able to seal this spirit away in my blade during these past ten years. If only I knew how this spirit was inside me I'd...actually I don't know. I feel Zangetsu's power will only be sealed within this blade for only ten years."
[[That's how Wolfwood changed into Zangetsu in "Dark Revolution". The ten years passed from now]]

Everyone was shocked to with the idea od a spirit inside their past leader.

Zarroc: "One more question, who's Roy?"

Wolfwood then got confused and said he didn't know. Zarroc responded with an "oh".


Wolfwood didn't know anything about knocking out and so everyone headed back to Merkin not knowing anything that's ahead to come.

Night struck and a mysterious woman appeared through the fields saying the words "so I'm finally here".

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Chapter 1
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